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Organizational Change – Beyond Hard?

On April 11, I had the pleasure of speaking at the IABC Strategic Corporate Communications Leadership Summit in D.C. To introduce my topic of “Communicating Organizational Change,” I asked participants to complete a simple sentence: Change is… The potential responses were: A. Hard B. Pretty C. Pretty Darn Hard D. A Bit#h! E. Easy It […]

Appreciating The Ability To Help

I recently helped to lead a focus group of customer service representatives whose role is to help people in need. A participant shared how at the end of each day when she and her husband commute home together, she shares a story of the most positive memorable call of the day. As I listened to […]

Communicating Organizational Change at IABC Conference in DC

On April 11, I will be sharing some thoughts on Communicating Organizational Change at IABC’s Strategic Corporate Communications Leadership Summit at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The conference runs April 10–11, 2014. It is commonly said that organizations are “over managed and under led.” This seems to be particularly true when it comes to […]

Internal Communicators Wear Three Hats

Internal communicators play an essential if under-appreciated role in helping organizations communicate, inform, engage, and connect employees. Over the years, I have spoken about their special role at the intersection of organizational life and the multiple hats they have to wear to be effective. Internal communicators have to work on three levels, bringing three distinct […]

Why spark?

In starting on this entrepreneurial journey, I went through an exercise to identify my values. One of my core values, upon reflection, was to see, cultivate, and appreciate the unique talents of each person who had worked for me in my leadership roles.  That unique talent is “the spark,” the essence that makes you unique. […]

Welcome to sparks

Welcome to sparks, my io spark blog. I started sparks to share thoughts and ideas on communications, leadership, and organizational life. It is intended as a vehicle to share thoughts and ideas rather than a way to respond to the news topic of the day. While those can be entertaining, the commentary can be rather […]

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